At Office Consultant, we handle all the routine admin that local SMEs and micro-enterprises face. We also advise and assist individuals and families who are interested in moving to Switzerland.


Running a business demands time, skills and resources that you might not have in-house.

We deal with the tax, accounting and administrative arrangements of businesses across all sectors.

Our team of specialists are on hand and at your service.

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Set-up and complete or partial management of your accounting system

Development of scorecard systems

Financial analysis

Accounting schedules

Cashflow and credit management

End-of-year accounts

Financial reporting


Tax returns


Withholding tax

Appeals and reviews

Tax optimisation

Human resources

Employee and payroll administration

Social insurance (OVAI-IV, AIA, OPA)

Work and residence permits


Company foundation




Setting up in Switzerland

Administrative formalities involved in moving a business to Geneva or elsewhere in French-speaking Switzerland

Business and financial project management

Investor search

Financing plans



Business plans

Domicile for foreign companies in Switzerland

Company set-up

Commercial Register listing

Address for tax purposes and physical address in Switzerland

Mail and call handling service

Our network of contacts



Property and insurance brokers

HR experts

Individuals and families

Switzerland offers many benefits for families, including stability, security, a high standard of living and an excellent education system and health service.

Office Consultant can help you navigate the formalities of moving to Switzerland and wealth management.

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Setting up in Switzerland

Formalities and negotiations with cantonal tax authorities

Advisory services

Property transfer process


Tax returns

Declaration of property and capital gains

Acquisition of tax status specific to the canton of domicile

Tax optimisation

Tax arrangements following divorce

Family office

Wealth management

Reporting and consolidation of family assets

Advice on donations and endowments

Estate management

Retirement planning

Property management